Our Services

We offer the following professional services:


Knowledge is power in investment decisions. We provide both residential and commercial real estate valuations that won't leave you second guessing.

Property ValuationWhether you're a first time buyer, portfolio owner, or an institutional investor or lender, timing is literally money in realising real estate capital appreciation. It's critical to know precisely what a single property or a portfolio is worth in the face of rapidly changing markets. Our real estate valuation experts can help give you the confidence you need to act decisively and profitably.

Clients turn to us for sophisticated, impartial real estate appraisals on properties ranging from residential property, office buildings and retail centres to industrial assets and mixed-use developments. This counsel can be key to asset financing, due diligence, risk analysis, balance sheet reporting, dispute resolutions and IPO listings. We look beyond present value assessments to understand market trends, competing assets and projected income.

You can trust Abec Real with your residential and commercial real estate valuation requirements.

Property Management

Efficiency, cost savings and continuous improvement in management of propertyFor Rent

Abec Real manage your property portfolio efficiently, freeing our clients to focus on real estate strategies that contribute to broader business and financial goals.

We aim to manage property with maximum efficiency, safety and tenant comfort and dramatically reduce costs in the process. Our property management professionals will apply their hands-on experience to drive maximum value and efficiency in your residential and/or commercial property portfolio.

The main duties of the department is to provide clients (landlords/tenants) with the following services:

  • Preparation of budgets
  • Rent & service charge collection
  • Monthly/Quarterly/yearly statements of accounts
  • Preparation of comprehensive property reports every quarter and end year
  • Administration of all services in buildings, including negotiation of maintenance contracts
  • Attending to tenants' issues


Buy, sell or hold? It's not just the decision you make, but what you make of it.

Whether you're considering the sale or acquisition of a single-asset or a large portfolio, our professionals use their financial and real estate acumen to achieve the optimum price, a speedy transaction and certainty of closing.

Our investment sales specialists have a keen understanding of capital markets and real estate as well as the buyers and sellers involved in transactions. They'll quickly pinpoint an asset's value, market it effectively and deliver optimum results.

Search and Acquisition

On the real estate search and acquisition side, we represent buyers at all stages of the process, from advice on selection and location to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. You'll take advantage of our local market knowledge and contacts in the real estate market as well as our deep experience in real estate strategy, valuation, leasing and management. This means a broader value perspective on property utilisation prospects and not to mention a finger on the pulse of real-time market conditions at any moment.

Our real estate investment service spans the industry from residential and large office and retail centres to distribution facilities, hotels and student housing portfolios. Whether you're an institutional owner, private investor, corporation or joint venture partnership, our investment sales professionals can deliver value.


Property leasing focused on forging long-term tenant relationships

Earning successful returns on leased property means more than filling space. It begins with a firm grasp of what kind of space the most desirable tenants want and what they will pay for it and it's followed by a marketing and agency leasing strategy that we'll execute to mix the best tenants at the best lease terms and retain them for lasting value.

Whether you're an investor, developer, property company or public entity, that's the way we'll go to work for you. We'll bring a strategic, proactive leasing approach to your real estate assets so that you can focus on continuous financial growth.