Kisite Island (Mombasa)

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Sale Price: KES 1.44 B


Kisite Marine Park and Mpunguti Marine reserve are outstanding and flourishing marine parks at the Kenyan coast with little damage or bleaching to its coral, and sheilded from global warming effects by a drop from 50 to 1,300 feet, guaranteeing flow of fresh/cool water.

All four Islands for sale amount to a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase.

They measure as follows:

1. 0.8 hectares (1.98 acres) on freehold title

2. 3.7 hectares (9.14 acres) on a 99 years (granted in 2002) Leasehold tenure with approval for hospitality use.

3. 5.0 hectares (12.35 acres) on a 99 years (granted in 2002) Leasehold tenure title with approval for hospitality use.

4. 12.1 hectares (29.89 acres) on a 99 years (granted in 2002) Leasehold tenure with approval for hospitality Use.

These Islands are located off Kenya South Coast close and to the Tanzanian border. From Mombasa ,a 15 minute flight to the nearest airstrip By road a 2 hour drive from Mombasa and followed by a 20 minute boat-ride

These Islands have never been inhabited and remain in pristine environment that naturally yields to turtle nesting, birdlife, coconut, crabs amongst its natural delights.

The 0.8 hectare island is frequented by those snorkeling and divers throughout the year Few tourists dive into the waters around the other three islands

The waters around the four islands are controlled by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Fishing around the 0.8 hectare island is strictly forbidden by KWS.

On the other three islands owners and residents are permitted to sport-fish/fly-fish. Trawling is prohibited in these fish-rich waters Purchase of these islands would be an ideal practical opportunity for a multi-national to make a statement on its commitment to preserving nature and the environment.

equally a once in a lifetime opportunity for a private developer to put up villas or a resort.

Each island is owned by a distinctly registered limited (Kenyan) company. In turn all four companies are owned by a BVI company. Therefore purchase can be a transfer of shares thereby avoiding liability for stamp duty or necessary land control board approvals.

(In Lamu/Shela where A.O Carolina, Peugeot, and Annan have built villas, their Islands are reputed to be worth over USD 120 million.

Copies of green cards and KWS approvals and any other relevant documents can be provided upon request

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